About Konsadem

Konsadem Associates Ltd. is one of the leading indigenous engineering consultancy firms in Nigeria offering diversified consulting services with over 50 professional staff and affiliates. The company has its headquarters in Ibadan, Oyo State, and also has offices in three other states of the federation, namely Lagos, Osun and Ondo States, including Abuja. As will be presented in this document, the firm possesses the requisite capability, manpower and experience to tackle the design, supervision of construction, maintenance and management of various multidisciplinary projects.

The company offers professional services across a broad spectrum of sectors, disciplines and program foci, including civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and environmental engineering, programme management, urban and regional planning, environmental sciences, economics and construction supervision and project management. The company also offers support and development services in institutional reforms and development, organizational analysis, capacity building, training and education. Over the years Konsadem has maintained and continues to maintain collaborative relationship with foreign firms to execute some of the World Bank assisted projects it has been involved in. Some of these firms include Haskoning BV of The Netherlands, Nihon Suido of Japan and Reid Crowther of Canada.