History and Organization

Konsadem Associates Ltd. is a wholly owned, managed and operated by highly qualified and experienced Nigerian engineers.

The name – Konsadem Associates Ltd. was adopted in 1985 by the firm previously known as Adeyemi Ogundipe & Partners, Ibadan. The firm, Adeyemi, Ogundipe & Partners, was established in 1972 to render consultancy services in the field of Civil and Structural Engineering, with Engr. B. O. Adeyemi as the most senior partner. However, in 1985, as a result of restructuring, the management of Adeyemi, Ogundipe & Partners resolved to operate under separate and independent managements, located in Lagos and Ibadan. The Ibadan group thereafter translated to Konsadem Associates Ltd. and Engr. B. O. Adeyemi is presently the Chairman of the Board of Directors. As such there is no longer any form of relationship between Konsadem Associates Ltd. and the moribund Adeyemi, Ogundipe & Partners and any other firm related to it.

The firm is composed of professional engineers with adequate and extensive experience in various fields of engineering, some of who reached the senior management cadre in the public sector before veering into private consultancy practice.

Apart from the regular staff, the firm maintains good working relationship and arrangement with individual professional consultants in specialized areas such as economics and finance, geology, sociology, demography and statistics. Such specialized professionals are usually engaged to meet the needs of projects that require their input.

The firm has since grown in strength from a three member professional staff, including an expatriate staff to over twenty professional engineers and more than six consultants. Apart from the professional staff, we also have on our team more than ten technician engineers and about twenty non-professional and administrative staff.

Relationship with Clients

Konsadem Associates Ltd. places great emphasis on effective and close professional relationship with its clients. For example, as a standard practice and procedure, the firm adopts and executes project control procedures such as scheduling progress reports, meetings and personal contact with the Client, including effective communication with all review and regulatory agencies.

Information Technology

In realization of the fact that information technology has become a veritable tool for technical development and maintaining relevance in the field, our firm has invested heavily in the acquisition of this information technology, both in respect of material and manpower resources. As such we are able to achieve qualitative results at very short notice. The company’s web site is currently being developed and will be launched very soon.